During that three-game stretch, Chamberlain combined for 95 points and 64 rebounds, including two double-doubles and the 60-point outing.

The Boston Celtics consistently prevailed over the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1960s, and the Lakers would never be able to capture an NBA championship. Things were supposed to change when Wilt Chamberlain joined the Lakers, who had been led by Jerry West, before the 1969 season. But in the Finals of that year, the Lakers would fall short against the Celtics in a devastating Game 7 at home. The following year, in the Finals, they faced the New York Knicks across from them. In Game 7, they were once again narrowly eliminated from contention by the famed “Willis Reed Game.” Everything changed in the 1972 season.The Lakers would go on to win 69 games overall, a record that remained until 1996 and has only been surpassed by two teams in NBA history, and they would go on to win 33 straight games during the regular season—a record that still stands today. The Lakers defeated the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks in the postseason before facing the Knicks once more. The Lakers made sure to complete the task this time. The Lakers defeated the Knicks 114-100 on May 7, 1972, under the leadership of Chamberlain and West, winning the city of Los Angeles its first-ever NBA title.

With 24 points and 29 rebounds in the game’s final seconds, Chamberlain, the MVP of the Finals, led the way. Throughout the series of five games, Chamberlain averaged 23.2 rebounds and 19.4 points.

Gail Goodrich, the team’s top scorer in both the regular season and the Finals, finished with 25 points to help the team defeat the Knicks. West added 23 points and nine assists.


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