During the 1992 Olympic Games, Charles Barkley instantly regretted drinking beer with Larry Bird and the Dream Team, saying, “My head hurt for like two days.”

As a member of the Dream Team, Charles Barkley not only had the honor of playing with some of the greatest players in NBA history. Before the team started its pursuit of the gold medal at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, he also had the opportunity to build relationships with his teammates and take use of the comforts of Monte Carlo.

Barkley relished every aspect of Monte Carlo, but he regretted his attempt to hang out at the bar with Larry Bird right away. Additionally, Chuck humorously exaggerates the amount of alcohol in Budweiser beer.



Before the 1992 Olympics, Charles Barkley and the Dream Team trained in Monte Carlo.


When the Dream Team arrived in Monaco for a short training camp, they had already won the Tournament of the Americas. The true competition started at that point.

Head coach of Dream Team Chuck Daly made the decision to play an intrasquad scrimmage in order to inspire his players. One squad was led by Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley, while the other included teammates and two-time world champs Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls.


Except for a few chosen cameramen, the scrimmage is heralded as the most well-known basketball match that no one has ever watched.


Johnson clearly remembered Barkley’s desire to challenge Karl Malone, the only player who could challenge him as the finest power forward in basketball. As all of this was going on, Jordan and Magic were embroiled in a psychological battle that would last a lifetime, with MJ forcibly snatching the title of “NBA face” from Johnson and Larry Bird.

Bird was prepared to give Jordan the league at this moment. After playing in the NBA for a few seasons, Larry Legend had to give up because of persistent back discomfort. Even though Bird was still a valuable member of the Dream Team, he also took great pleasure in his downtime.

Barkley learned from French Lick at the bar to never attempt to keep up with the Hick.



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