During the “I Am A Noise” screening, Joan Baez and Lana Del Rey discussed facing demons and anxiety.

The 60-year career of the legendary folk singer is the subject of the documentary Joan Baez: I Am A Noise, which had its limited premiere on October 6 and has since been screened for a larger audience. This weekend, Lana Del Rey attended the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles to talk about the documentary with the star herself, thanks to the extension.

According to a Rolling Stone report, Del Rey had a conversation about her decades-long career with Joan Baez and asked her opinion about the documentary. Del Rey referred to Baez as “the toughest woman I have ever met” in her introductory remarks and discussed how relatable Baez’s experiences—both her hardships and her victories—were.

Del Rey stated, “The emotion you portray when you were 18 and now throughout the film is so relatable that it’s just received a ton of praise already.” “The most unexpected thing, in my opinion, was how specific your emotions were and how much comfort people found in your vulnerability in the movie.”

I Am A Noise’s editing and cinematography were also commended by her, who called the movie “absolutely striking” and a “classic.”

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