Emiliano Martinez Crashed His $20 Million car on the highway but luckily escape from death as he was rushed to the hospital

Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper for Aston Villa, will miss this weekend’s match against West Ham due to his hasty return to his home country of Argentina to visit his father in the hospital following a family emergency.


Martinez shared a picture of himself on Instagram showing himself at his father’s bedside after taking a plane to visit him. Fortunately, Alberto gave a thumbs up while posing for the picture, suggesting that everyone was in a good mood.


However, the stopper is anticipated to be absent on Sunday due to the urgency of the situation and the rushed nature of his journey.


It’s unknown how long Martinez will stay with Alberto before returning to the UK, despite reports that he had surgery.


Martinez, 29, has been working out on his own in Ezeiza, the home base of the Argentina national team, in the interim.


He uploaded a second photo of himself at the new facility with the remark, “I am so grateful to Chiqui Tapia and the AFA for supporting me during these trying times.”


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