Even though Linda Ronstadt is no longer singing, her “Voice” is still heard.

Linda Ronstadt is celebrating her career with a win at the Kennedy Center Honors and a CNN documentary about her life that premieres on television on New Year’s Day. This month, Ronstadt gained notoriety for remarks she made before a State Department and Secretary Mike Pompeo-hosted dinner honoring Kennedy Honors. Although Ronstadt hadn’t intended to bring up the Trump administration, she did so out of solidarity with fellow honoree Sally Field. According to Ronstadt, the actress had mentioned that we were living in a time when the concept of truth was being questioned.

Ronstadt said that half the audience cheered and the other half sat silently. “I simply wanted to express my support for her. She shouldn’t have stood there by herself, in my opinion. Pompeo mentioned the Ronstadt popular song “When Will I Be Loved” in his speech, expressing his curiosity about the day he would experience love. 73-year-old retired singer Ronstadt curtly responded to a query by stating that it will happen “when he stops enabling Donald Trump.” When will people love Ronstadt? With the success of the documentary “Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice,” it appears that this is the right moment. The two unique stages of Ronstadt’s career will be evident to viewers.

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