Every time Larry Bird took the court, his thoughts would go from basketball.

Larry Bird became one of the best shooters in basketball during his playing career. The legendary Boston Celtics player could score in any manner he chose, but he was particularly lethal when shooting three points. The forward appeared to be “in the zone” all the time.


But Larry Bird wasn’t concerned with trying to rediscover his stroke or make the next move when he took the court. The forward actually allowed his thoughts to stray a great deal and chose to concentrate on topics other than basketball.


After a rough beginning, Larry Bird rose to prominence in the NCAA.


It’s hard to picture Larry Bird playing any other color other than the Boston Celtics’ recognizable green and white uniform these days. However, the forward had to make his teeth in the NCAA ranks before ever turning pro.


After growing up in French Lick, Bird didn’t feel at home on the University of Indiana campus, where he started his college career. It appeared too big and intimidating. Before making one game appearance, the forward returned home.

According to Bird’s own account, he enjoyed his work as a garbage guy after starting out in the field. But Bill Hodges, the basketball coach at Indiana State University, was aware of the forward’s potential. He persuaded Larry Legend to try out for the Sycamores again in collegiate basketball.


We can safely conclude that Hodges’ perseverance paid off. After three seasons at Indiana State, Bird was named National Player of the Year, averaged 30.3 points per game, and led the Sycamores to the 1979 NCAA title game, where they were defeated by Magic Johnson and the Michigan State Spartans.


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