Fabrizio Romano Revealed surprising club Kylian mbappe will play for next season

Reports that Real Madrid is no longer interested in signing Kylian Mbappe have been refuted by transfer guru Fabrizio Romano.


Less than two months remain until Mbappe can sign a deal with any team he wants, and on Tuesday, La SER reported that Real Madrid had informed the attacker that they would not be pursuing him for the upcoming summer. His three club rejections in the previous seven years contributed to that.


But Romano made it plain in an interview with Caught Offside on his Daily Briefing that he was unaware of any such thing.


“As I stated days ago, I’m not aware of any news or updates regarding Mbappe. As things stand, there is no news and nothing going on in November or December.


“Yes, they do need a striker in my opinion, and Mbappe is still the ideal player for Madrid.”


This would be consistent with reports from RMC Sport in France, via Sport, stating that Real Madrid is only using this as an image tactic and that they are still interested in signing Mbappe. To shield themselves from future embarrassment, Los Blancos are eager to declare that, should Mbappe go somewhere, they are not in need of him.


If such were the case, it would come as little surprise. The media in Madrid went crazy in the aftermath, calling the Frenchman names and hurling other obscenities at him. Los Blancos felt so embarrassed about their private briefing that he would sign with them, that President Florentino Perez felt compelled to make an unusual public appearance to clarify his decision not to sign with them.

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