Following the kidnapping ordeal, Liverpool brings Luis Diaz’s parents to the city for Christmas.

Following the release of the Colombian forward’s father, Luis Manuel Diaz, from kidnappers who had held him captive for 12 days, and the rescue of the 26-year-old’s mother, Cilenis Marulanda, a few hours later, Liverpool has flown the Diaz family to the city to spend Christmas together. Diaz was reunited with his father earlier this week when he returned home to play for his country. In an emotional game, Diaz scored twice in a win against Brazil in a 2026 World Cup qualifier in Barranquilla, while his father watched from the stands.

Liverpool took the initiative to support Diaz by renting a jet on Friday to transport him and his extended family to Merseyside and assist them in the wake of their horrific ordeal.

When the winger gets back from his international assignment, which takes him to Paraguay on Tuesday, he will join them.

After his father was kidnapped on October 28, Diaz was forced to miss two Liverpool matches while his father was being held captive by Colombia’s National Liberation Army (ELN) rebel group.

The following November 5, in a 1-1 Premier League tie against Luton, the winger scored an equalizer off the bench to seal the victory.

Following his score, he lifted up his Liverpool shirt to reveal a T-shirt underneath that said “freedom for papa” before his father was liberated.

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