Former Celtics reporter Larry Bird claims that at the All-Star Game, players gave him the finger.

After just two possessions, former Boston Celtics writer Bob Ryan realized nothing had changed as he saw the 2024 NBA All-Star Game. When the East stars faced the West stars, he was hoping for a little bit of rivalry.


Instead, on Sunday, February 18, it was the same old joke of a game that resulted in 397 points and just three fouls as the east won 211-186. After it was finished, Ryan let loose, accusing the NBA players of giving the finger to Celtics star Larry Bird and a number of other players by playing the way they did.

Bob Ryan Remarked The All-Star Game Play Showed No Respect for Adam Silver, Larry Bird, or Anyone Else

Any sport’s All-Star game has turned into a farce, but none is worse than the NBA version. There are ten guys without a defensive mentality on the floor. It’s a humiliating occasion with no spirit of competition.

“The NBA is guilty of consumer fraud and fraudulent advertising,” Ryan stated on the “Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman Podcast.” This has been marketed as a basketball game. This isn’t a hoops match.


“After the first quarter, I departed. After two possessions, I realized that nothing had changed. That was known to us. Nothing altered. In the hopes that these players would collaborate and play a true game of basketball, Gary Washburn reports to us all that was said and done during the day when I pick up The Boston Globe this morning.

In essence, they ignored everyone and gave the finger. Give Larry Bird and Adam Silver the finger and just state, “No, we’re going to do it our way.”


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