Furious After “blowing up” on Mike Dean over the Liverpool VAR explanation, Paul Merson was ordered to “calm down” live on air.

During Liverpool’s defeat to Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League last weekend, forward Luis Diaz had a goal disallowed.


This afternoon, after Liverpool’s loss to Tottenham Hotspur, Paul Merson and Mike Dean got into a violent argument live on television about Luis Diaz’s goal that was disallowed.


Even though this incident happened a week ago, the discussion about VAR and how expensive errors are still being committed is still going strong.

Following their 2-1 loss in the capital, Liverpool quickly issued a statement in which they demanded explanations for how Diaz’s goal could have possible been disallowed. Since then, numerous Premier League managers have expressed their outrage at the scenario when asked about it.

Ex-Premier League referee Mike Dean told Sky Sports News when asked where he thought VAR was headed and how it could get better, “It’s a continuing process. They constantly receive emails to read, including clips that need them to push the offside or onside button. They often participate in online training. This week, they visited once again to carry out specific tasks in an effort to improve communication.


The next step? I’m not sure. Do you allow former players in? Not for me. As you can tell from what you [Merson] just mentioned about restarting the game for no reason, if you go and invite players in, half of them won’t be familiar with the rules.





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