Gary Neville believes Liverpool are more likely than Spurs to win the Premier League because they have the “outstanding” Klopp and Alisson, but they are still lacking a holding midfielder to seriously compete with Arsenal and Man City.

Liverpool, according to Gary Neville, have a better chance of winning the Premier League than Tottenham, but they still lack a holding midfielder to compete with Arsenal and Manchester City.


With five victories, two ties, and a loss, Liverpool is presently fourth in the standings. However, they have tried playing Alexis MacAllister in a deeper midfield position.

The necessity of a sitting midfielder, or “six,” was made clear by Manchester City’s defeat to Arsenal on Sunday. The treble winners struggled without Rodri.


Declan Rice, Thomas Partey, and Jorginho are all capable players at Arsenal.

Without a defensive midfielder, according to Gary Neville, Liverpool will find it difficult to win the championship.



Neville did call Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, “outstanding” and “one of the best.”


After Manchester City’s match against Arsenal, Neville gave an interview to Sky Sports where he discussed Liverpool’s standing in the championship race, the team’s strengths, and areas for improvement.


Neville said of Liverpool’s chances of winning the Premier League: “They could, they’re more likely to than Spurs, there’s no doubt about that. I think Liverpool have something about them.”


The former Manchester United defender continued by identifying Liverpool’s different advantages and disadvantages.


‘They’ve got an outstanding goalkeeper, who I always think will keep them in a lot of football matches,’ insisted Nevile. ‘They’ve got forwards who can score goals and they have a lot of strikers.


They have a strong forward line, and their offensive midfield possesses the defensive prowess we’ve seen today with Rodri’s return and the presence of Rice, Partey, and Jorginho.

Do they possess that defensive steadiness? Declan Rice or Rodri in holding midfield, in my opinion, would put Liverpool well in contention to win the championship.


“My concern is whether they have enough defensive power and strength in the middle of the field.”


“I don’t think Liverpool will quite get there, but there is no question that their manager has kept them in the race.”


The manager is really outstanding, one of the finest, but I believe Arsenal and City will once more compete in the latter stages.



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