girlfriend declares death Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs were “murdered,” although the partner did not use drugs.

Outside Jordan Willis’s Missouri home, David Harrington, Ricky Johnson, and Clayton McGeeney passed away.


The long-term partner of one of the three Kansas City Chiefs supporters who were discovered dead following an NFL viewing party stated that her lover did not take drugs and that he and his pals were “murdered.”


On January 9, the bodies of Jordan Willis’s high school friends Ricky Johnson, 38, and Clayton McGeeney, 36, were found frozen in the backyard of Jordan Willis’s Kansas City house. David Harrington, 37, was Lorie Kruse’s 17-year lover.


Two days prior, while watching the Chiefs play the Los Angeles Chargers, they were last seen alive inside the residence. According to Willis, he doesn’t know what happened to his pals.


“100% not being investigated as a homicide,” according to Kansas City Police, and Willis has not been charged with a crime, Fox News Digital has been informed. But in an interview with Chris Cuomo of News Nation on Friday, Kruse emphasized that Harrington’s death was not an accident.


She said, “David was murdered,” to Cuomo. “Those three guys were murdered.


“Maybe they did take something because they were drinking,” she said. “But I know David wouldn’t have took it.”


John Picerno, Willis’s lawyer, has informed Fox News Digital that his client works from home and that he slept for a significant portion of the time between the Chiefs game on January 7 and the police knocking on his door at 8:51 p.m. on January 9 after discovering the bodies on his property. As a result, Picerno claimed, he was blind to his buddies in the snow despite having enormous windows facing out onto his garden.

According to McGeeney’s relatives, on January 9, his fiancée discovered one of the dead on Willis’ back porch and called the police. After her calls and texts went unanswered, her knocks on the door went unanswered, and finally in desperation, she had broken onto the property.


“It does not make any sense to have three men dead, laying in the yard and [Jordan] asleep for 48 hours,” Kruse stated to Cuomo.


“I’ve already heard about Jordan. He and I have never met. She remarked, “I’ve heard a lot of awful things about him. “I’m not sure if that is true… Jordan has never come up in David’s conversations. Jordan is a name I’ve heard while he’s chatting with his buddies. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard any tales concerning Jordan at



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