Good News: Luiz Diaz father has been finally released

After a terrifying 12-day kidnapping ordeal in Colombia, Luis Diaz’s father was ultimately freed, to the joy of Liverpool supporters.


On Thursday, word spread that Luis Manuel Diaz had been placed under the care of a “Humanitarian Commission” comprised of representatives from the UN and the Catholic Church.


On Saturday, October 28, the forward’s mother and the 58-year-old stopped at a gas station to buy watermelons. Hours after being abducted, Diaz witnessed the rescue of his mother, but his father was absent for a full twelve days.


It has since been made public, though, that Diaz’s father has been saved and is being treated for medical attention in a nearby location. His relatives are heading route to meet him.



Fans of Liverpool have now expressed their happiness over the news. One fan wrote on social media that tonight’s Europa League matchup between Toulouse and Liverpool will “be unreal.”



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