Have they successfully ruled out Wilt Chamberlain for the Best NBA players of all-time!

What makes Wilt Chamberlain so unique that he is regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time? Wilt was an athletic freak of nature, and I’m not talking about his 7’2″ height or his exceptionally long wingspan. There have been many 7-foot centers in the NBA and college game; I played with one in high school who was about 170 pounds and had to play pro ball (after college) overseas because he couldn’t get over 185. Wilt started at about 250–260 in the NBA and eventually played at 280–300. All muscle.


He was a champion track athlete and beat everyone down the court. His endurance was legendary having averaged over 48 minutes (OT) in one NBA season. His timing and body control were so good that he played every minute and led the league in blocked shots (unofficial) without ever fouling out. Some people criticize all big guys for only being able to dunk. When Wilt played with the Globetrotter’s, he played some at the guard position. There’s a video of Wilt swishing four corner hook shots in a row from three point range. His strength is legendary—ask Gus Johnson or 6’11, 265 lbs. Bob Lanier.

His teammate wagered $5 that he would miss the fourth attempt. He dropped five bucks. He frequently made his signature fadeaway bank shot, which is a challenging stroke. Give it a try and you’ll see. Kareem was an excellent athlete. In addition to being a fantastic athlete and a basketball phenomenon, he is my all-time favorite center.

He was not even close to having Wilt’s strength, coordination, skill, speed, size, endurance, or any other combination that has ever been seen in basketball or any other sport. Wilt has records that have lasted the test of time, and statistically only Babe Ruth’s (particularly c/w others of his era) are comparable. (someone pointed out that W.Gretzky’s records C/W Wilt. Okay, all right. It doesn’t concern me. Holding my breath while watching Orr on the ice, I was expecting for him to do something that no human could do.

Upon viewing WG Although I was in awe of his extraordinary talent, I was also annoyed that he was a lapdog at the blue line, hardly ever played aggressive defense, and no one in the league was allowed to touch him.)


If you have never seen film of WC go to YouTube and see for yourself. Comparing Russell who was a tremendous player and competitor with Wilt is really not justified.


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