“He taught me everything I know about getting in people’s heads”—Jordan acknowledges that he borrowed Larry Bird’s trash talking style.

Jordan learned the basics of trash-talking from Bird.

Throughout his career, Michael Jordan acknowledged that he learned how to gain a mental edge over opponents from Larry Bird. In a 2021 interview with The Athletic, Jordan commended Bird for his ability to psychologically overpower his direct opposition.


“The best mind-gamer and trash talker of all time is Larry Bird. He gave me all the knowledge I had about entering people’s minds,” he disclosed.

Even though Michael Jordan is recognized by many as the best player of all time, he didn’t avoid learning from his predecessors. MJ has already acknowledged his admiration for the legends that came before him and said he used elements of their styles to create his own.


At the height of the Magic Johnson-Larry Bird era, Jordan joined the league in 1984. They still had a lot to learn, but Michael Jordan was displaying the ability to become the next great leader, and everyone saw a new generation in Isiah Thomas


.Bird deliberately played mental chess.

In this instance, it was the legendary Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics, who was among the first to elevate trash talk to a recognized status within the NBA. Larry Legend acknowledged in a Sportscenter interview that the behavior was also taught on the floor.


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