Head of terror group behind kidnap of Luis Diaz’s father made a !!Fearful!! Statement today

The rebel leader who took the parents of Liverpool player Luis Diaz hostage acknowledged that they made a “mistake” in not releasing their father.


There are 150 uniformed military personnel in the Barrancas area as authorities continue peace talks with the ELN, which the US government has designated as a terrorist organization, in an effort to expedite Diaz’s father’s release.

Antonio Garcia, the commander of the ELN, stated on his Telegram channel that “the Northern War Front made a mistake” in keeping Luis Diaz’s father, according to AFP.


Using the nickname of the 26-year-old football player, who returned to Liverpool training on Friday, Garcia continued, “Lucho is a symbol of Colombia – that is how we in the ELN feel about him.” On Thursday, the left-wing rebel group ELN was revealed as the group that was responsible for Luis Manuel Diaz’s abduction.



The left-wing rebel group ELN has not yet released Diaz’s father, Luis Manuel (right), but it is said that the group’s leader said they made a “mistake” by keeping the father detained.


To expedite his release, 150 military personnel are currently stationed in Barrancas.

Although the footballer’s father has not yet been released by the group, helicopters have been sent in.


At a police checkpoint, a man is searched as the military operation in Barrancas intensifies.



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