Here is what Jayson Tatum feels about shocking exit from Celtics

Jayson Tatum talks about how his connection with Boston has changed as he enters his seventh season with the Celtics.


When asked about his ideal legacy in Boston, Jayson Tatum recently appeared on an episode of the Point Forward Podcast. The likes of Paul Pierce, David Ortiz, and Tom Brady are connected to the city.


Tatum was initially resentful of Boston’s sports clubs for denying Kobe Bryant and the St. Louis Rams a championship run.


When I first came here, I had no idea Boston was such a unique town. Boston wasn’t to my taste. I believed that the St. Louis Rams’ departure was caused by their defeat at the hands of the New England Patriots. I was upset because Kobe [Bryant] lost to [the Boston Celtics] in 2008.


Tatum thinks that if he helps the Celtics win their 18th NBA title, his legacy will become more significant and that the Boston community has accepted him.


“They adore their athletic groups. They adore their boys. I get the impression that they’ve welcomed me in and accepted me as one of their boys. If you were to hang one of those banners, I can only image the love and reception. It would be amazing. It’s going to be amazing.



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