Here’s how Wilt Chamberlain once finished an NBA game with zero points.

In the 1960s, Wilt Chamberlain seemed to break NBA records every night. “The Big Dipper” continues to own the record for a variety of single-game records, such as most points (100) and most rebounds (55). In addition to setting season records for minutes (48.5) per game (48.5), rebounds (27.2), and points (50.4), he was also the first player to shoot more than 50% from the field in a season. In addition, Chamberalin holds absurd records for versatility, including the most triple-doubles in a row (9) and the only player with two triple-doubles (22 points, 25 rebounds, and 21 assists).

On March 27, 1973, however, Chamberlain received a score of zero. Not an error. That evening, Wilt played forty-six minutes and did not score a field goal or free throw. Wilt scored one point in his final regular season game with the Lakers. Not a typo again. He made one of two shots from the line and zero of one from the field.

Yes, to a certain extent. Chamberlain was no longer a credible threat to score 50 points in a single game by the early 1970s. But what time takes away from boundless physical prowess, it makes up for in knowledge and insight. Wilt’s seasons in 1971–1972 and 1972–1973 amply demonstrate this.

Even with an average of 14.0 points per game during those seasons, Chamberlain remained a formidable opponent. His ridiculous single-season record of 72.7 percent from the field was set in 1972–73. He may not have been shooting frequently, but the shots he did take were undoubtedly going in.

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