High school single-game record held by Larry Bird is broken

WAVE) – FRENCH LICK, IN Is it possible for you to surpass a scoring record that was previously held by one of the best basketball players in history? That’s exactly what a French Lick high school athlete accomplished.


Larry Bird was the best of the best at Springs Valley High School. Of course, that was all before Blackhawks supporters witnessed history this past weekend—history that would have shocked even Boston Celtics supporters.


Although he doesn’t have a bird’s last name, he is a Blackhawk, a Flying Falcon, and the new face of French Lick. Deion Edwards is who he is.


Head basketball coach Jonathan Bowles of SVHS stated, “As a community as a whole, it meant a lot for that record to go down.”

At Springs Valley High School, Larry Legend’s 55-point single-game record looked almost unbreakable, even if records were meant to be beaten.


According to Bowles, “that record lasted for 50 years.”


That is, until Austin High was faced up against Deion Edwards on Saturday.


Edwards remarked, “I came into the game hot.” “Made two threes before entering the fourth quarter. It was really near. I only needed to keep scoring in order to win the match.


The Blackhawks were in a similar scenario the day after defeating West Washington in OT. late in overtime, behind by two, Edwards having previously scored 53. Edwards tied the game at 96 and broke Bird’s single-game record with less than two minutes remaining in the contest when he made a basket and was fouled.


“Aside from that, he was getting to the rim,” said Bowles. “He did hit two threes.” In the game, “(He) had a bunch of and-ones.”


With a game-high 56 points, Edwards made the greatest free throw of his life to set a school record. all while Eddie, Lary Bird’s brother, was present.


After his side defeated Austin 101-98 to end the game, Edwards—the new kid on the block and the Flying Falcon of French Lick—found out about his remarkable achievement.

“My mom was jumping up in the background, telling me to hit the free throw, hit the free throw, hit the free throw,” so although he wasn’t positive, he was kind of thinking.


According to Bowles, “a lot of guys are talking about playing with Larry Bird.” “These guys will be able to claim that they played with Deion, who holds the record for the most single games.”


If the weather holds, Edwards and Springs Valley will host 10-1 Paoli on Friday night.


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