Horrible Towel Tales: Cam Heyward criticizes supporters who urge him to step down

News and analysis about the Steelers February 24th, SaturdayGreetings and welcome to the Terrible Towel Tales, where every Monday through Saturday we will feature some of the most recent tales that are making the rounds in Steelers media for your reading enjoyment. In the news of today…


Fans who urge Cam Heyward to retire are the target of his criticism | Cam Heyward,


The Steelers, who are still feeling the effects of their failed draft selections, may select a center and a tackle this year to take the place of Moore and Cole, who took Green’s spot.


In order to avoid a scenario such to 2021, the Steelers will need to strengthen the center position between now and April after Cole was released. There are a number of alternatives available on the free agent market, but two stick out in particular: former Tennessee Titans center Aaron Brewer, who has a relationship with new Steelers offensive coordinator Arthur Smith, and recently released former Los Angeles Rams starter Brian Allen.


The cost to pick up running back Najee Harris’s fifth-year option, which would have kept him under contract through the 2025 season, was revealed to the Pittsburgh Steelers.


In addition to paying Harris for “playing time,” the Steelers will also have to pay him for the basic fifth-year option because of the quantity of playing time he has accrued over the last three seasons. For his option, that amounts to $6,790,000.00.


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