How come Bill Russell won 11 titles and not Wilt Chamberlain, if the latter was such a great basketball player?

Although Russell was on better teams, he was still a fantastic player. Russell played in an era before block counts were kept track of. He is said to have averaged double digit blocks a game at the time, and many people think he is the best defensive big player in history. Who knows whether these allegations—like Wilt’s supposed liaisons with over 20,000 women—are true?

“Remembrances of Love with Wilt Chamberlain” is a fantastic lost Saturday Night Live segment. Wilt is a TV show host who looks back fondly on his many romantic relationships. A plethora of files detailing every woman MC Hammer has had sex with surround him as he sits on a chair with enormous legs. In essence, over the course of an hour, he falls in love with a lady, they have sex, and then they “grow apart” and stop being in love.


As Wilt, My Hammer says, “I adore women. Since 1959, I have been in 20,000 relationships with attractive and fascinating women, each of whom was unique in some way. This evening. [Extracts a photograph]..In my heart, Cheryl was #2,078 yet I recall her as #13,906 in my memory. Cheryl exuded love, laughter, and life in plenty. [sniffs] Hmm, even now I can smell her perfume. “I was completely enamored with Cheryl.” Perhaps I was feeling a little exposed. I had just ended a relationship with a female who was still in the restroom, and I was on the rebound. But since I’ve always followed my emotions, there was no time for analysis.

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