HOW RUDE:🤯🤯 Roonie O’Sullivan girlfriend Ali Carter told Ali Carter to “hush” his mouth as she wades into feud

After the Masters final earlier this month, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Ali Carter got into a heated argument that has persisted ever since, with The Rocket’s girlfriend becoming involved.


Ali Carter was advised by Laila Rouass, the girlfriend of Ronnie O’Sullivan, to “hush your mouth and be a good boy” in response to the intense argument between the two athletes.

Following the earlier this month masters final at Alexandra Palace, in which O’Sullivan overcame a 6-3 deficit to win 10-7 and earn his eighth title, Carter took aim at his opponent. Over the years, the two had maintained a chilly relationship, but things became worse when Carter accused O’Sullivan of “snotting all over the floor.”



When O’Sullivan learned of Carter’s remarks during his post-game news conference, he responded immediately, calling Carter a “f***ing nightmare” and asserting that he had “issues”. Throughout the profanity-filled tirade, O’Sullivan gave Carter the finger and seemed incensed.


A few days later, Carter replied, stating that O’Sullivan need mental health assistance and expressing sympathy for him. I doubt that he is in that much mental health.” O’Sullivan defeated Judd Trump in the final to win the World Grand Prix in Leicester, where the public spat persisted.


Following the revelation of remarks made about The Rocket when he was tied for six World Championship titles, O’Sullivan’s fiancée has now attacked Carter. Carter predicted at the time that O’Sullivan wouldn’t win another one, but in 2022, following an 18–13 victory over Trump, he took home his seventh.


“Ali Carter said four or five years ago that Ronnie doesn’t have another World Championship win in him,” Rouass stated in an Instagram post. What action did he take? He went and prevailed. Ali Carter, that didn’t age well, did it? Now shut up and behave well, boy. Pay attention to your snooker.


At Ally Pally, Carter was on his way to winning his maiden Masters championship when O’Sullivan returned to triumph. Following the game, Carter stated, “A few things that happened out there went unnoticed.”

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