How skilled a player would Borg have been in today’s game?

Renowned for his mental tenacity and clay court prowess, Bjorn Borg was an amazing tennis player. Even with today’s tennis, Borg would probably still be a tough opponent thanks to his skill and perseverance. But since Borg’s time, the game has changed in terms of tools, playing techniques, and instructional programs. Though it’s hard to say how Borg would do in the fiercely competitive tennis scene of today, his skill and tenacity would undoubtedly make him a significant presence.

It’s difficult to say because equipment, strokes, and other things have changed so much, but because of his athletic prowess, I believe he has the best chance of being competitive among all of his peers.


Foot speed: According to McEnroe’s memoirs, Borg was faster than all but a handful of the best players at the age of 46 at the time.

Physical strength: Borg was physically strong enough to take on players like Wawrinka. Fitness: Borg was incredibly fit, which was important in the current match.

With a modern racquet and strings, Borg would likely be up there with Nadal and Thiem for top spin. He used a little wooden racquet and still managed to hit with a lot of top spin.


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