How would you contrast Taylor Swift with Joan Baez?

Joan Baez is a wonderful humanitarian and a gifted artist. Taylor Swift is an autotuned pop artist who occasionally participates in important, progressive causes. These two individuals cannot be compared.

As singer/songwriters, how would you contrast and compare Joni Mitchell and Taylor Swift?

Both Joni and Taylor make extensive use of metaphors and vocabulary. In that manner, the lines flow both melodically and lyrically, indicating that they are both lyrical poets. It matters that they are both poets.


Naturally, they write about love from different viewpoints, even though they both write about it.

They represent distinct eras of empowerment in my opinion. I find Joni’s perspective and sensibility to be very Canadian. She was able to mature as a person because she reached adulthood at a time when a woman with her level of talent could carve out a niche for herself, one where men could actively encourage and support her to pursue her interests and aspirations, which was crucial back then.

I think I can justify the Canadian. Growing up in Michigan, I was close to Canada. To me, Joni represents midwestern Canada, which starts west of Toronto and goes east to Vancouver, experiencing numerous cultural shifts along the way. The Canadian character exhibits a certain grandeur. (Incidentally, if you’ve ever watched the Canadian version of The Baking Show, you’ve seen it: the uniquely Canadian use of “sorry” combined with North American pride in accomplishment.)

She is from a little town in Alberta, and she embodies the quality of standing on your own two feet and forging your own path that comes from central Canada, where cultures and entire lifestyles coexist with the surrounding, perhaps overwhelming, natural environment. She exudes an openness that some in the US could have characterized as “hippy” or “trippy,” but which is more in line with the great Canadian tradition.

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