“I Have Seldom Heard Harmonies as True and as F—ing Angelic as Yours,” says Joan Baez, praising a stunned boygenius at Variety’s Hitmakers.

Joan Baez is a strong proponent of torch-passing, and on Saturday at Variety’s annual Hitmakers event—which is sponsored by Sony audio—she gave the trio the Group of the Year award, clearly expressing her admiration for Boygenius.

The renowned folk singer introduced the recipients, saying, “I’m here to offer the award for Group of the Year to three women who have personally and musically stolen my heart.” “My granddaughter, of course, introduced me to them. She is a twenty-year-old songwriter.

Baez joked that her granddaughter is more into her now that she’s friends with Boygenius, but then she explained what she understood from the group’s music.

She stated, “I think these three women’s songs speak to the delicacy of the human condition.” “They are somewhat trailblazers not only because of the distinctiveness of their music but also because of their courage to stand up for those who are oppressed, marginalized, and even persecuted in our society,” the statement reads.

Baez went on to compliment the group on their superb harmonies, stating, “I grew up singing and listening to harmonies, and I’ve heard a lot of them in my day. Seldom have I heard harmonies as pure and delectably angelic as yours. It’s simply magnificent to hear.

Baez said, “[Boygenius] verified that if they really need to seek help, they go to what they call throuples therapy,” before extending an invitation for them to join her on stage. I’d also be delighted to come along for quadruples therapy. Lucy’s lips, Phoebe’s closet, and Julien’s brain are what I truly want from you women.

Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, and Phoebe Bridgers all expressed in their speech how amazed they were to be recognized by such significant

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