“I saw it clearly” Eyewitness revealed a Letter Wilt Chamberlain wanted to present to his fans before he passed away

The NBA has never seen a player as powerful as a genuine video game cheat code. He was capable of outscoring opponents and grabbing more rebounds than anyone else.


During his playing career, his name would probably be near the top if block shots were tabulated. Yes, the player I’m talking about is none other than the sadly departed Wilt Chamberlain.


Views of Wilt Chamberlain

Speaking out about politics is something that many NBA players do now; in the 1960s, at the height of the civil rights movement, this was also the norm.

Among the greatest NBA players who advocated for civil rights were Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Additionally, Chamberlain’s basketball rivals occurred to be both of them.


How did Chamberlain feel about civil rights? To start, Wilt said he had “none” racial animosity when asked if he had any.


(Time code: 11:51).

“I think I understand what all that racial malarkey is all about,” Chamberlain continued. I have had the good fortune to witness many people fall in love. And that’s the main focus.


Chamberlain had no desire to become embroiled in the then-current social justice movement. His desire to play basketball stemmed from the fact that he was a basketball player in the first place.


The other reason Chamberlain never spoke his opinions on matters like his peers was that he was a member of the “wrong side,” or so the other players perceived it.


In response to being informed that his viewpoint deviated from what was expected of an African-American athlete, Chamberlain said:

“Today, I firmly think that conservatism is the best course of action. I think that love exists.


Chamberlain was a Republican who backed President Richard Nixon at the time.


“I have never before become interested in politics. However, you must come to your senses and make your declaration at some point, and now is that moment for me,” Chamberlain remarked. “I chose to join Nixon because I’ve known him for ten years and have been inspired by him. The idea that I could play a role in determining this nation’s future intrigues me.


Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and other prominent athletes of that era connected Nixon to the issues African-Americans were dealing with.


These athletes felt it was a smack in the face that Chamberlain backed President Nixon.


Russell, who was formerly close to Chamberlain, even had this to say about Chamberlain’s relationship and backing of President Nixon:

You see how infrequently Chamberlain grins. It’s not that he gets upset all the time. He is lonely, which is why. an external party.


Later, Chamberlain would refer to himself as a “ultra-conservative.”

One of the longest basketball feuds we have ever witnessed started as a result of Chamberlain’s opinions. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain would be involved in this conflict.

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