“I think I lost my mind, there was so much pressure…” – Steffi Graf Opens Up About Her Darkest Moments


Tennis legend Steffi Graf has always been known for her grace and composure on the court, but in a recent interview, she revealed the intense pressure and pain she faced during her career. Graf, widely regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, spoke candidly about the mental and physical struggles she endured, even as she dominated the sport.

“I think I lost my mind, there was so much pressure,” Graf said, recalling the intense scrutiny and expectation she faced at the height of her career. “I was always supposed to win, and if I didn’t, it was like the world was ending.”

Graf’s words offer a rare glimpse into the mental toll of professional sports, where athletes are often expected to perform at superhuman levels without showing any signs of weakness. But Graf’s experiences serve as a powerful reminder that even the greatest champions can struggle with self-doubt, fear, and pain.

Despite her many victories, Graf faced numerous challenges throughout her career, including a series of injuries that left her in constant pain. “There were times when I couldn’t even walk, and I had to crawl on my hands and knees just to get to the court,” she revealed.

Through it all, Graf found ways to persevere, drawing on a deep well of determination and resilience. Her courage and strength inspire fans around the world, and her legacy continues to shape the world of tennis.


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