“I was happier the more involved I was in everything,” says Larry Bird, summarizing the essence of his real game.

Larry Bird never played only to satisfy the majority of his fans.

Depending on who you ask, the famous Larry Bird’s game could be described in a variety of ways. He has accomplished a wide range of amazing things on the court. While some regard Bird as one of the greatest two-way players of his age, others argue that he was one of the most ruthless shooters in history.


Although it is difficult to describe Bird’s excellence, the individual in question said that winning meant doing everything in your power to win, whether or not you were having a fantastic game.


You knew you had it going when you said, “Man, I got it going tonight,” at halftime. It wasn’t always about scoring goals. Bird told ESPN in 2015 that his philosophy was that “the more I was involved in everything, the happier I was.” That had to do with attempting to steal the ball, grabbing rebounds, passing, and, of course, scoring was a major component. However, I didn’t always feel that I had to score for our team to win.

Averages and statistics didn’t appeal to Larry.

To be honest, Bird never gave a damn about what his stats said about his abilities. In fact, until someone informed him, he was unaware that he was a part of the NBA’s elite 50-40-90 club. Bird was questioned about his thoughts as it seemed like former NBA shooter Kyle Korver was headed toward completing the 50-40-90 feat in the 2014–15 campaign.


True to form, Larry Legend gave the media a direct answer. Naturally, “The Hick from French Lick” had nothing to say about it, much as his career total of 59 triple-doubles (tied for ninth place in the NBA all-time record) never seemed like a noteworthy accomplishment to him.


It’s a difficult catch. In our league, you don’t see that too often. Previously, it was 50-40-90. The Hall of Famer noted, “I never really thought about it back when I played. It’s just like triple-doubles.” “I didn’t play,”


The theme of Larry Legend’s game was ALL

In contrast to his eventual opponent, Magic Johnson, Bird rose to prominence as a scorer, particularly for his clutch three-point shooting. However, Bird believed that many people overlooked his reliable all-around performance.

Bird was a small forward for the majority of his career and was inducted into the Hall of Fame. But when he was on the court, he could tell everyone with confidence that he could do just about anything. These were, in fact, the games that Bird still enjoys playing the most.


Bird said that he would pick any of the Boston Celtics’ valiant victories, where he gave it his all for over 48 minutes in 1985 to surpass his career-high 60 points against the Atlanta Hawks.

“The game wasn’t all that good. I enjoy games that are intense, competitive, and pound it inside. Regarding his 60-point scoring spree, Bird once remarked, “It was just a loosey-goosey game.” “.. Simply said, playing the game wasn’t enjoyable. That game wasn’t really my thing.


“Sixty points is quite a few. Please understand me. It’s difficult to do,” he said once more. However, I did have a triple-double and several steals in a half-hour against the Jazz a bit earlier in the season. That was complete. That was a fantastic game, in my opinion.


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