Identifying his Magic Johnson-like qualities, Larry Bird declared, “There was no doubt about it—we were winners.”

Supporters might categorically claim that they were entirely different. Surprisingly though, Bird is able to identify his resemblance to Magic.


Both Magic Johnson and Larry Bird engaged in fierce competition throughout their time in college, setting the stage for some of the greatest NBA duels ever. Bird’s Indiana State and Magic’s Michigan State frequently fought. In the end, their rivalry was only a prelude to what would happen when they did join the league—a turning point in the history of the NBA that altered the character of a true competitor.

After all, Magic and Bird were identical. Larry Legend and Magic established themselves in the league early on. Johnson’s spectacular and unbelievable passing, along with his versatility in scoring, thrilled the crowd. However, Bird showed everyone that agility wasn’t the only factor in basketball. Rather, he defeated his opponents with his superb shooting and basketball acumen.

Notwithstanding their differences, Bird and Magic changed the game and swept the NBA.


Bird and Johnson’s influence on the game through Andscape was discussed. “Maybe we helped in some way as far as the competition we had in college and going against one another,” Bird remarked. “But I do think we brought a different aspect to the game when we came in.”


Fans could see that Bird and Magic were two very different players when they watched them play. Surprisingly, though, Bird is able to identify his shared traits with Johnson.


Bird concluded, “We both liked to pass the ball.” “We enjoyed attempting to improve other men. And after that, there was no denying that we had won. Not that there weren’t any previous winners. However, I believe that the way we approached and played the game had a significant influence on how the league watched the game.”


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