If Kevin McHale is to be believed, Larry Bird may have been an even better three-point shooter.

Larry Bird was almost the epitome of the ideal NBA player in his day. Even though his recollections could indicate that he lacked some athleticism, the Boston Celtics player appeared to be trouble-free when playing basketball. He was a natural scorer, a point guard in the passing game, and, when all else failed, a sharp tongue.

Consider that bundle to be somewhat intimidating already? Now, picture Larry Legend with an even more potent three-point shooting ability.


And even while it might seem impossible—how could you possibly top perfection?—it might actually be feasible. Assuming Kevin McHale’s statement is accurate, Bird hardly had any practice shooting three points. But when he did, the outcomes were obvious.

Larry Bird, as Kevin McHale recalls, never really practiced his three-point shooting.

Sports enthusiasts frequently debate many subjects, and one typical one is speculating about how the greatest players of all time would fare in the current game. Although there may be doubts regarding certain players, Larry Bird looks like a perfect match for the NBA as it exists now.


Like Kevin McHale says.


In an interview with Heavy Sports’ Steve Bulpett, McHale outlined all the reasons he believes his old teammate “would terrorize” the Association in 2022. Beyond his fortitude and deft passing stroke, Larry Legend possessed pure shooting talent.

With all the threes they’re taking these days, his shooting skill would be absurd, McHale said. He didn’t spend a lot of time working on his 3. Not a single one did. He finished his practice session with about 35 threes. Now he would shoot a ton before the All-Star Game. He went there just to win the long-range shooting competition, deposit the winnings, and then be able to talk s*** to everyone and tell them to kiss his ass.

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