If you could combine two NBA players together who would they be??

It’s time for Britannica, or at least one editor there, to enter the never-ending debate over the “greatest ever in [insert sport here]”. Although this editor (hello!) has been passionately watching sports for almost thirty years and debating them with pals for almost the same amount of time, we’re not officially a sports website. Naturally, this list is highly subjective, so it’s best not to take it too seriously. Unless you happen to agree with me, in which case this was my most profound writing to yet.

Abdul-Jabbar Kareem

How come? How come the top scorer in NBA history is only ranked as the tenth best player of all time? Yes, indeed. Even though Kareem scored an incredible 38,387 points while he was a player, I find it impossible to ignore the fact that the two greatest point guards of all time, Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson, passed to him frequently throughout his career. In addition, the fact that he played in the NBA for almost 10,000 years increased his career totals. (Or twenty. Whatever.


Still, he was a formidable force that ruled the game for twenty years and developed the sky hook, one of the most exquisite shots in history. Moreover, he fought Bruce Lee in Game of Death and was hilarious in Airplane!, thus he has the highest cool factor of all the people on our list.


Larry Bird

Be not deceived by his modest background from a small college and his moniker as the “Hick from French Lick”; Larry Bird was one of the most competitive and savage orators in NBA history. The ultra-confident Bird frequently informed his defender that the shot was going in as soon as it left his hands. He possessed what is likely the fastest release of any basketball player in history.


In a 13-year career cut short by injuries, he amassed three championship rings and 12 All-Star appearances. Furthermore, in the 1980s, he developed a rivalry with Magic Johnson (who, spoiler alert, you’ll see a little later in this list) that propelled basketball to a never-before-seen degree of national prominence.



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