If you could combine two NBA players together who would they be??

Fascinating! Allow me to introduce you to Stephen Chamberlain, the best NBA player of all time.

Just consider how difficult it would be to guard a player like that. He’s hitting the three if you don’t pick him up from half-court. He can dunk on you if you give him enough room to use his incredible athleticism and 7’2″ frame. Once you let him post, it’s over. Do you wish to offend him? At 90% of the line, he is.


Do you recall all those intricate plays the Warriors ran to give Curry a somewhat open shot? We are no longer in need of those. At seven feet two inches, Stephen Chamberlain can shoot over anyone, anywhere.


If Wilt had Stephen Curry’s free throw shooting, he would already be the greatest player of all time, in my opinion. The moment you give him every one of Steph’s qualities, the opposition is eliminated.


Shaq and Bill Russell, without a doubt.


Bill was known for being one of the hardest workers in the game and for being one of the best competitors, leaders, and teammates it has ever seen. Shaq was a physical force that the game had never seen before and rose to become one of the all-time greats based only on skill. However, Shaq was unable to resolve his differences with Kobe, he never motivated teammates to achieve greatness, and he was unwilling to put in the effort necessary to maintain his physical fitness in order to just continue winning for ten or more years, unlike Russell.


Bill’s head on Shaq’s body would make no rival in the history of basketball ever exist.


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