In a season today, Larry Bird’s career NBA 3-point record would be considered standard.

Larry Bird shattered the NBA record for career 3-pointers on March 18, 1986, scoring 247.

When it comes to 3-pointers made, Boston Celtics great Larry Bird set a record on March 18, 1986, of 247. To put that in perspective, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry has made 293 this season. It just goes to show how much the league has changed since then. The 3-point shot was introduced during the 1979–80 season, so it was relatively new when Bird broke the record.

If he had participated in the game today, he undoubtedly would have had many more. These days, the 3-point shot is possibly the most crucial component.


It would have been intriguing to watch how Bird would have fared in a matchup with players like Ray Allen, Curry, and Duncan Robinson of the Miami Heat. You can be sure that Bird could have competed in this period.


Some doubt whether his physical attributes would have translated, but he would not have had any trouble shooting. Any era can be used by shooters.



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