In a stinging attack on his fierce rival, Ronnie O’Sullivan calls Ali Carter a “f***ing nightmare”.

After winning a record-breaking seventh Masters title on Sunday, Ronnie O’Sullivan defeated competitor Ali Carter 10-7. Since then, he has launched an incredible attack on Carter.


In a remarkable press conference, Ronnie O’Sullivan issued a biting assault on bitter rival Ali Carter, demanding the defeated Masters finalist “sort his f***ing life out.”


After defeating Carter 10–7 in Sunday’s main event, O’Sullivan went on an expletives-filled rant that would probably get him in trouble with snooker leaders. He even gave the finger.


The 48-year-old overcame a 6-3 deficit to defeat Carter at Alexandra Palace, setting a new record for the number of Masters victories.



Carter said O’Sullivan had “snotted on the floor” during the game and called out certain fans at Ally Pally as “morons”.


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