“In our league, points are what makes you money,” said Larry Bird, explaining why the majority of players were unwilling to improve their passing ability.

In addition to making him the special athlete who assembled a famous career, Larry Legend’s passing ability proved to be a movement that endured over time.

The legendary Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics recently remarked that his contemporaries of his time placed more value on scoring than honing their passing because it resulted in higher salaries. Larry Legend stated that back then, scoring was the key to winning in a 1991 old interview with NBA.com.

“Because many men don’t want to excel at passing.” Although I think there are many good players in this league who can pass the basketball well, winning in our league is determined by scoring points. They don’t want to pass because they want to shoot because the difference between 15 and 17 points is a lot of money, and that’s just one basket you have to get, according to Bird.



How Bird became an expert at passing

The fact that the three-time champion made this statement in 1991 is ironic given how the game has evolved over time. The greatest players in the NBA right now, like Nikola Jokic, LeBron James, Luka Doncic, etc., have become well-known for their ball-passing skills. Back then, that wasn’t the case with franchise players, which is why superstars like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird stood out.

One of Bird’s best qualities was his ability to pass the ball, which he developed over time. Exactly 5,695 assists (6.3 APG) were collected by the three-time MVP by the end of his illustrious 13-year career. It was all made possible by the unique method he used to go by it.


The issue with me passing is that I constantly attempt to set my man up with a lie. I’ve always believed that you need to give them a triple threat—the ability to dribble, shoot, or pass—if you want to be a good passer. I make an effort to accomplish that. In an effort to either dribble off the move or take a shot, I try to receive the ball and see everyone on my squad.

It was really simple to pass back then. Passing was simple for me because I was a little faster and could accomplish anything I set my mind to.


David Stern was determined to take advantage of Bird’s strongest suit.

David Stern used Bird’s and Johnson’s passing prowess as a selling point for the NBA during a period when the league was in decline. In addition to showcasing the two icons of the sport from the 1980s, the commissioner had the wonderful idea to continually spotlight and exhibit these passes to demonstrate to the world that basketball was more than just putting the ball in the hoop. Silver’s best project to date, it ended up saving thepreserved the NBA for all time.

Bird’s passing abilities proved to be a movement that endured over time, in addition to helping him win numerous titles and have a legendary career.

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