In the 1985 NBA Finals, Larry Bird’s foolish involvement in a bar brawl cost the Celtics.

Legendary Boston Celtics player Larry Bird was competitive at almost everything, including drinking. One time, however, his drinking landed him into serious problems.

After the Celtics defeated the 76ers in both of their home games to start the 1985 Eastern Conference Finals, Bird decided to unwind by getting a drink at the now-closed Chelsea’s bar in Quincy Market. But the evening ended tragically, and what happened had a significant impact on the NBA Finals matchup with the despised Los Angeles Lakers.

In the course of a bar brawl during the 1985 Eastern Conference Finals, Larry Bird hurt his shooting hand.



Larry Bird and the Celtics squared off against Julius Erving and the rest of the 76ers at the Boston Garden earlier in the 1984–85 season. After around half a year, Bird continued to deliver strikes in Beantown. He only fought his way out of the court this time.


When Bird battled terribly in Game 4, there was some uncertainty. He only scored 14 points in a 76ers victory while shooting 4 of 15 and committing eight turnovers. After the game, things became more apparent because Bird’s index finger had gotten significantly bigger.

Those close to Bird claimed the finger in question had been damaged since college, according to the New York Times. The NBA MVP, meanwhile, ignored the injuries and continued to walk. In Game 5, Boston brought the series to a close, but the French Lick Hick faltered once more. Larry Legend made six of his eighteen field goal attempts for 17 points.


It was not until November that the truth was revealed.


Eventually, rumors that Bird had been involved in a brawl at Chelsea’s pub began to circulate. He accepted responsibility for his conduct, admitting that he was at fault for the altercation and that he had made mistakes as well (h/t Los Angeles Times).


Sadly, the Celtics realized how big of a mistake this one had been when they lost the NBA Finals against Magic Johnson and the Lakers.


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