In the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Panthers are not planning to pick.

You usually have the advantage of selecting first in the draft when you’re 2–15. Sadly, the Panthers will have to wait until the very top of the second round, as the Chicago Bears will have the first pick.


It would be a foolish move for the Panthers to make a deal merely to claim a first-round pick when they have limited options. Dan Morgan, the new general manager of the Panthers, made it quite evident during his inaugural press conference on Thursday that he knows it’s not worth moving up.


Morgan said, “It’s not really high,” in response to the question of how important it was to trade up. “The number 33 is basically a late first-round selection. We’re just going to choose quality guys, and I believe there will be a solid player there at number 33. It remains to be seen if we decide to move up or back. But we’re going to plan. We’re going to organize things. We are going to carry out that strategy.”

Additionally, I would contend that a large portion of the skill at the back end of the first draft is comparable to the first ten or so picks in the second. Trading up makes little sense unless you feel that it’s worth taking a chance since a player who was much higher on your board keeps falling.


A portion of the problem with the former front office administration was this. They became impatient and made certain moves that increased the number of gaps in the roster while also costing them draft capital. Morgan wishes to avoid repeating that error.




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