Inside the March Madness ‘Mayhem Man’ commercial starring NBA icon Larry Bird, an Allstate advertisement

March Madness is always guaranteed to cause havoc. Every spring, the NCAA Tournament offers must-watch television, filled with incredible buzzer-beaters and unexpected upsets.


But not all chaos is a good thing. In real life, people are frequently taken aback by events beyond their control. That’s where Allstate and other insurance providers come into play.


The release of Allstate’s most recent commercial coincides with a national basketball frenzy, and NBA icon Larry Bird makes for a fitting spokesperson.


Allstate is showcasing the chaos off the court, even though March may bring the madness on the court. Their commercials consistently feature inventive methods to depict damage in day-to-day life, and the most recent one featuring the NBA Hall of Famer is no exception



.Allstate’s Larry Bird March Madness spot

With the concept of a personified “mayhem” in its advertisements, Allstate hit gold. Starring as the disheveled actor who turns up all the time and causes chaos and ruin everywhere is Dean Winters.


Winters and the idea of mayhem coming to life have been used to generate a variety of marketing, giving the business its famed tagline, “You can save money and be protected from mayhem — like me.”



In the most recent Allstate commercial, Bird plays himself for thirty seconds, with Winters playing a bird in the attic. The NBA legend makes an attempt to subdue the bird, but he ultimately causes more harm than good. He falls through the floorboards after hitting his head on the ceiling planks.

As the commercial closes, Bird’s legs are seen hanging from the ceiling, symbolizing the harm that his adversary has caused. As he descends the stairs, Winters laughs and says, “You can save money and be protected from mayhem like me.”


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Fans will laugh at Allstate’s most recent campaign, which similarly plays on the name of the former Celtics player. Hopefully, the flying monstrosity formed at Bird’s house is equal to the chaos that occurred on the court in March.




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