Is Lebron any close to wilt record

When discussing greatness in basketball, Wilt Chamberlain and LeBron James aren’t always the first two comparisons that come to mind. Having said that, James finds himself in a comparable circumstance to Chamberlain. For the Warriors and 76ers in the past, Chamberlain was a sensational scorer and rebounder. Additionally, Chamberlain assisted Philadelphia in winning a championship. Chamberlain spent five seasons playing for the purple and gold at the end of his career.

James recently signed a two-year extension with the Lakers, so we can anticipate that he will play for the team for a total of seven seasons. He is currently in his fifth season. Examining the individual careers of the Lakers players raises an intriguing query. Is LeBron’s number retired by the Lakers?

The Lakers have retired Chamberlain’s number, after all. In the discussion, both players’ legacies are regarded as the greatest players of all time. We are only examining their achievements with the Lakers, though. Chamberlain’s number was retired, and his Lakers career reads like a resume, which ought to cause LeBron’s number to be retired as well.

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