Is Luka Doncic superior to the Boston Celtics’ Larry Bird?

Although the cliche has been around for a while, it’s time to gauge how Boston Celtics supporters feel about it after witnessing it firsthand during the 2024 NBA Finals. Is Luka Doncic superior than Larry Bird when he played for the Celtics? The majority of Boston supporters will gladly shoot down such an idea without hesitation. But what about someone who covered him in his prime and was well acquainted with him behind the scenes in the media? On a recent edition of the podcast named “Bob Ryan, Jeff Goodman, and Gary Tanguay!” produced by CLNS Media, Bob Ryan, Jeff Goodman, and Gary Tanguay talked about whether Luka could be superior to Larry.

To hear what they had to say, watch the attached video below. If you like this podcast, you should also listen to the many other New England sports podcasts on the CLNS Media network, including “First to the Floor,” “How Bout Them Celtics,” and others.


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