James Worthy still recalls the challenge of standing up for Larry Bird and how he “didn’t like” the trash talk the Celtics were talking about.

It’s difficult to find a more intense NBA rivalry than that between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Despite being on different coasts, the two franchises have faced off in many memorable matches throughout the years. In the eighties and nineties, Larry Bird played a major role in those interactions.


Even with his well-known rivalry with Magic Johnson, Bird was still able to irritate a lot of Lakers. Let James Worthy elaborate.

Larry Bird gave James Worthy clear instructions and carried them out flawlessly.

In the 1984 NBA Finals, Larry Bird (R) defends against James Worthy (L).

James Worthy was clearly impacted by Larry Bird. Bettmann, the Author

Many tales have surfaced over the years about how Larry Bird pretended to be a man of action by informing a defense exactly how he intended to score. It appears that James Worthy was a victim of that precise circumstance.

On the Knuckleheads podcast, the former Laker said, “I remember this one time.” Because he did this with a number of people, you may have heard about it previously. I have to watch out for him. He would tell you that the play is coming, even though you already know it is. “You know, DJ [Dennis Johnson] is going to handle this, so Robert will come and set a pick for me, and [Kevin] McHale will set a flash pick for Robert [Parish].” “If you trail, I’m on the trail into the lane and shoot a little floater,” he continues. “If you f***ing pop,” he said. “If you try to get over the top,” he said. “I’m going to pop to that corner and bust a jumper in your f***ing face.’”

The forward even went so far as to grasp at Larry Legend’s jersey in an attempt to stay as near to him as possible when the play started. But the standout player for the Celtics was just too talented.



“The ball enters the room,” Worthy said. DJ accepts a few dribbles. I can move quickly enough. I believe I am capable of surpassing. I surpass myself. I emerge, but he suddenly turns the corner, sending me reeling. He was just waiting a little bit. He was a jerk.


“That’s how good he was,” Worthy declared. Even though I didn’t like him, he was quite talented.

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