Jaylen Brown’s defensive pressure is described as “powerful” by Jayson Tatum.

Boston — It was evident from the start of the season that one of Jaylen Brown’s objectives was to step up his defense. While the Celtics did acquire Jrue Holiday, they also lost out on Marcus Smart, the 2021–22 Defensive Player of the Year. Brown therefore sought to ensure that the team’s defensive transition went smoothly for the other players.

Brown is maybe having his finest defensive season of his career as a result of his efforts. Brown has guarded the top player on the other team numerous times this season in an effort to make things as difficult as possible for him. That was true on Wednesday during the Celtics’ victory over the Bucks, as Brown spent the entire game facing Damian Lillard. His teammates observe his attempts.



“Watching him take on the challenge of guarding the best guard on the other team is like, what that does for our team, how much better it makes us,” Jayson Tatum remarked. “Picking him up full court and pursuing him all night long.” It affects the other players on the team and essentially removes all other justifications.


Given that the guard has used physical force to intimidate the opposition, Brown is deserving of his flowers. Given that he has mentioned being in his physical peak and that he has been an excellent two-way player this season, training plays a part as well. When Brown assists his team in improving their defensive performance, all those little details are taken into account.


Naturally, Brown is powerless to stop everything because superstars in the league earn high salaries for a reason. However, as Tatum pointed out, Brown’s readiness to stop the top player on the opposing side benefits the squad greatly. Though the rest of the C’s should also receive a lot of credit, Brown is one of the leaders of the Celtics’ defense.


Brown added, “It’s entertaining; it’s like a game of chess.” “When a guy is successful, people want to be aggressive and go after him for everything. Like, grab him, act assertive, because sometimes you have to come back. It’s excellent. It’s a useful piece of information. And Dame deserves praise for still turning up and doing well. We covered him fairly well and guarded him. caused a few turnovers, but tonight’s performance was strong.


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