Jayson Tatum and other two players might be leaving Boston Celtics this season

With the best record in the NBA (28 wins, 7 loses), Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics are leading the Eastern Conference in basketball competition. The Celtics won their second straight game on Saturday, putting on another impressive show after defeating the Indiana Pacers (118-101).With 38 points, 13 rebounds, and six assists on 8/13 from beyond the arc, Jayson Tatum was unstoppable. The NBA player declared following the game that he is not looking for recognition for his efforts. Rather, he is focused on obtaining a title.


“I no longer seek out that kind of recognition. In this league, I’ve done a great deal. According to NBC Sports Boston, Jayson Tatum told the media after the game, “I am at that point where I want to get back to the Finals, help us win a championship.”

“Even though I might not be named MVP, what I’m doing will still make us the best team in the league.” I enjoy it if people see it and recognize it, but it’s okay if they don’t.”



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