Jayson Tatum Crashed his $8 million vehicle on a high way but luckily escape from death today

A few weeks after the family of a woman who died in a multi-vehicle incident filed a lawsuit against accused driver Nicole Linton and others for wrongful death and negligence, the attorneys for AMN Healthcare and Kaiser refuted any responsibility in freshly submitted replies.


As previously reported by RadarOnline.com, Sheila Noble, Lynette Noble’s successor-in-interest and biological aunt, filed a lawsuit against Linton, a Texas-based traveling nurse, AMN Healthcare Services Inc., its affiliated businesses, and Kaiser following Lynette’s and her friend Nathesia Lewis’s horrific deaths in an August collision at a Los Angeles intersection that was caught on horrifying security footage.


Linton ran a red light and hit other automobiles in a busy junction while operating her Mercedes-Benz at speeds of up to 130 mph, according to the prosecution. The crash caused multiple vehicles to catch fire and threw some victims out of their cars.


Linton’s defense team announced that they would summon an expert to testify under oath that Linton experienced a seizure and “froze” while operating a vehicle on that tragic day. In earlier court documents, Linton’s counsel claimed that “mental incapacitation and unconsciousness are, of course, complete defenses to crimes under California law.”


As we previously mentioned, at the time of the collision, Linton was working at the West Los Angeles Kaiser Medical Center of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. in Los Angeles when he was employed by AMN.


“Ms. Nicole Lorraine Linton works as a nurse for AMN Healthcare and has a temporary contract to work at Kaiser Permanente; she is not affiliated with the organization. At the time of the accident, she was not traveling for Kaiser Permanente, an official from the company stated.

But according to Noble’s family, the crash might have been prevented if Linton hadn’t been employed in the city. They claim Linton was “unfit and dangerous due to her numerous prior motor vehicle accidents, prior acts of self-harm, multiple arrests for violent behavior, and multiple involuntary commitments to psychiatric hospitals.”



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