Jayson Tatum got into a fight with Jaylen Brown after “Rude” text from Tatum

In a league where even the most prosperous alliances struggle to persist, it will take more than just on-court accomplishments for the Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics to last.


In three of their first five years together, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum have guided the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals.


This includes the great duo’s contribution to the most remarkable in-season comeback in NBA history the previous season, when Boston moved from being 11th in the East in mid-January to being just two victories away from hoisting the banner 18 to the TD Garden rafters.


Regarding his friendship with Tatum, Brown shared the following during a sit-down interview with Shams Charania of Stadium.


We push, compete, and learn from one another, and I believe that respect is the foundation of a lot of our relationship. And that’s its lovely aspect.”


The two-time All-Star further stated, “I’ve watched him develop into a guy. He’s watched me mature as a guy. I see why, in a way, people usually attempt to split apart pairs or individuals of that nature. We’ve been really successful thus far, and perhaps we can continue to be even more successful; winning a championship would be the cherry on top.”


Fans of the Boston Celtics should also respect Brown’s willingness to share the limelight with a talented wing who is predicted to place among the top five players for MVP.

“Jayson being the ultimate version of him doesn’t stop me from being the ultimate version of myself,” according to “At this point, we’re a part of each other’s destiny.”


This season, Brown, 26, is averaging 26.7 points and 6.8 rebounds—both career highs. In addition, he is averaging a steal per game and handing out 3.4 assists.



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