Jayson Tatum revealed what all Boston Celtics fans should Know about

With a skill set that puts him among the NBA’s best players, Jayson Tatum, a forward for the Boston Celtics, is widely considered as one of the league’s best talents.


Tatum, who rose through the ranks following his draft, is currently the Celtics’ skipper after guiding them to the 2022 NBA Finals. Even if the club lost to the Golden State Warriors, Tatum is still an important member of the squad.



In a widely shared video from his third season, Tatum exuded confidence by associating his on-court success with a new haircut and declaring that, with the cut, he is among the league’s top five players. According to what was revealed during the 2019–20 season, Tatum’s special routine seems to be working.


“In my third season, I was mic’d up for a game, talking to my old teammate, Javonte Green,” Tatum said.


“I had just gotten a haircut, and I told him, ‘When I get a haircut, I’m top 5.'”‘Top 5 what?’ he questioned. Anything can make you a top 5. The top five basketball players in terms of appearance and style. Simply your self-assurance after getting that haircut.”


Making a splash once more this season

Tatum has been a major contributor to Boston’s success this season, helping them to win the Eastern Conference. Tatum has a career-low 34% three-point shooting efficiency, but his overall field goal percentage is still 47%




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