Jayson Tatum Talks About The Celtics’ Mentality Going Into A Difficult Stretch

The head coach of the Boston Celtics shared his predictions for the team’s future.


The Oklahoma City Thunder ended the Boston Celtics’ six-game winning streak on Tuesday. The team had an 8-1 record against.500 teams or better in December, having only lost two games.

With 14 victories in their last 17 games, Boston continues to have the best record in the NBA. They have the second-best NET rating in the league and rank among the top three in both offensive and defensive ratings. Additionally, the Celtics still have the greatest point differential.


In a recent interview, Jayson Tatum discussed the future of the Celtics with Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe.


“We review the schedule in advance,” Tatum remarked. However, I believe we’ve done a respectable job of playing each game as it comes along. Whether we’re facing the better team—the OKC Thunder—or the less talented Spurs, we try to approach every game in the same way. We still wish to treat the game with the same deference and approach.”


The Utah Jazz, led by Danny Ainge, will host the Boston Celtics on Friday night before the Indiana Pacers and Boston Red Sox open a baseball series on Saturday. They then host the Minnesota Timberwolves and play a back-to-back with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Ime Udoka will also be back at TD Garden in January when the Boston Celtics host the Houston Rockets on January 13. This month, the C’s also play the reigning champion Denver Nuggets and Nikola Jokic.


The latter game is a part of a six-day span that also includes games against the Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Clippers, and old friend Grant Williams.


They play the Indiana Pacers and New Orleans Pelicans back-to-back to end the month. Next, on February 1st, Boston plays host to the Los Angeles Lakers, and on February 4th, they welcome Marcus Smart back for a game against the Memphis Grizzlies.



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