Joan Baez announces her retirement from performing and offers some parting remarks to the left.

A number of well-known singer-songwriters, including Joan Baez, performed Tuesday night (October 11) at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles as part of a benefit event for the JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service). Along with Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffin, Steve Earle, and Brandi Carlisle, the folk icon and recently inducted member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced to Variety just prior to her performance that she will be reducing her live engagements.

“My formal touring career is coming to an end next year,” stated Baez. “There will be four distinct tours, each lasting one month, and then nothing more. I have the option to do something like this or go sing at a protest. Dealing with the voice these days is so challenging that having

Already committed to her next project, Baez plans to emulate the careers of several of her fellow folk icons, including Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. She responds, “I’ll paint,” citing the popularity of her most recent Mill Valley, California, exhibit, “The Mischief Makers.” “I’ll probably do another round of mischief makers, social change makers because the exhibit was really successful.”

But before then, there will be Joe Henry’s collection—which does not yet have a title—releasing. Some of the songs I’ve done from Antony & The Johnsons are “Last Leaf,” “Whistle Down The Wind,” and a song by Josh Ritter and Zoe Mulford that I’m not sure of. They come to an end after twelve songs. Steve Earle’s is an essential listen, though I might have to rework it due to its excessive instrumentation.

What is the left’s future course? firstly, increasing the volume of their rhetoric. Trump, according to Baez, “sort of picked the scab off what’s been really ill down there for decades.” The conservative, right-wing movement has been working in think tanks for the past forty years, preparing for this. Furthermore, liberals simply lack the communication skills to be intelligent. For example, [Nancy] Pelosi will say, “All we were asking is,” in reference to a bill that Democrats wanted passed. That is not possible for you to say. “We are calling for” or “We are demanding.” All we’re requesting is that this won’t work. It has to do with the language in part. Furthermore, the truly astute members of the conservative party are moderating the language.


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