Joan Baez is described by Lana Del Rey as “the toughest woman I have ever met.”

The singer-songwriter said these things during a showing of Baez’s most recent documentary.

Speaking about the latter’s self-documentary film I Am A Noise, which was made available on Friday, October 13, Del Rey expressed her respect for the American singer-songwriter.

The two had previously paired up to perform Baez’s hit song “Diamonds and Rust,” for which Del Rey had to travel 80 miles in order to rehearse the song on Baez’s kitchen table.


“It’s been incredibly well received already because of the emotion you portrayed when you were 18 and now throughout the movie,” Del Rey remarked to Baez, referring to her as a “lioness” and “the toughest woman I have ever met.”


“The most unexpected thing, in my opinion, was how specific your emotions were and how much comfort people found in your vulnerability in the movie,” Del Rey went on. “And on top of that, the gorgeous cinematography and the flawless editing, just to me, made it a classic film. This is especially true considering that D.A. Pennebaker’s Don’t Look Back, from which you drew footage—the documentary from which I fell in love with you, Joan—has been my favorite since I was eighteen.”

It’s an immediate classic, and in my opinion, the biggest praise you can get is when a famous person, or well-known as we like to call them, stars in the movie. It wouldn’t have mattered if it had been just a regular person working a job; it was simply so striking.

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