Joe Burrow and his girlfriend spotted at the beach with family and friends having some good times

On Sunday, the Bengals’ WAGs had a great day as Cincinnati defeated the Buccaneers on the road.


Olivia Holzmacher, Joe Burrow’s girlfriend, posted a happy selfie she took with Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson’s wife, Morgan, on her Instagram story. In July, the couple exchanged vows.

In a TikTok video this past weekend, OLIVIA DUNNE hinted about Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow once more.


The gymnastics icon is presently enrolled in her third year at Louisiana State University, the same institution where Burrow played college football before going on to become a legend.


Recently, Dunne has made some insinuations regarding Burrow on her social media platforms.


Additionally, this past weekend, she included a photo of herself and Burrow in a TikTok video.


2019 saw Burrow and LSU win the national championship in college football.


And in the 2020 NFL Draft, he was selected first overall.


Recently, the NFL quarterback made his way back to Louisiana to play against the New Orleans Saints.


Additionally, he showed up sporting an LSU Tigers shirt with the name and number of his Cincinnati colleague, Ja’Marr Chase.


Before transferring to LSU, Burrow met Olivia Holzmacher at Ohio State University, with whom he is currently in a relationship.


Meanwhile, Dunne is the newest LSU athlete that is sweeping the nation.


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